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Dublin Pub That’s Loved By Famous International Celebs Reveals Profits Declined By Over Half Last Year

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We love seeing the stars grace the streets of Dublin after they’ve played a gig or when they’re on holidays.

It makes us realise that, hey, they are human and do normal stuff like go for a pint of stout after a day’s work.

And nobody works harder in the music business than Rihanna and Bruce ‘The Boss’ Springsteen.

Now, Bruce loves a pub crawl in Dublin and is a fan of haunts ‘The Long Hall’ and ‘O’Donoghue’s’ but he also popped into this Dublin local once as did Rihanna.

Not at the same time, imagine what a story that would have been.

But the fame attached to Doheny & Nesbitt hasn’t been enough to attract the usual customers from 2016 and The Irish Independent has confirmed that the pub’s profits declined by 51.5% last year.

They collected €291,223 in total in profit from January 2017 to January 2018 which is less than half than what they managed for the previous year.

The Baggot Street pub is also a firm favourite with politicians because it’s so near Leinster House – if only those pint glasses could talk.

Doheny & Nesbitt is one of the oldest family owned pubs in Dublin and is one of “the most photographed pub in Dublin”.

It is a protected structure and is well known for its original features both inside and outside that have remained intact since it was first built.

“The main bar retains the original counter, and almost all of the original fittings date from the 19th century.”

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