VIDEO: Famous Drag Queen Mugged In Dublin And Loses Money Cards And I.D.

This is just shocking.

Miz Cracker

Famous American Drag Queen, Miz Cracker, who is in RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 was the victim of a mugging in Dublin on Friday night.

Miz Cracker said on social media that:

"Katelyn and I just got mugged in Dublin. Bring us lots of snacks and love at these next few meet and greets.

"We are okay! Just lost money + cards + ID so we are basically moneyless right now until we get things sorted. Otherwise we are fine. He ran by and snatched it so fast we were left in shock. Thank you everyone."

Fans were extremely worried for Miz Cracker after the news and even said that they were willing to lend money if needed.

One fan in particular was also concerned about a scrapbook that they had given to Miz Cracker just before the mugging took place and feared that it too might have been stolen.

However, Miz Cracker did eventually receive well deserved love in Dublin on Friday night.

We hope the culprit gets caught and the items get returned ASAP.

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