Drivers Will Be Put Out By This New Plan To Construct Bike Lanes On Amiens Street

One councillor described the proposal as "anti-motorist madness"


A new plan to construct bikes lanes and restrict traffic on Amiens Street has been described as "anti-motorist madness" by a local councillor.

The proposed plan is intended to allow the creation of a new cycle path between Clontarf and Connolly station. The proposal would see the cycle path on both sides of the road and separate from other lanes of traffic, except at major junctions and bus routes.

The creation of the new bike lanes would mean that number of lanes available for motorists would be reduced at Amiens Street's busiest sections.

North Inner City councillor Nial Ring objects to the proposed bike lanes, which he views as an attack on Dublin's motorists.

AA Roadwatch have congestion from the Five Lamps to Amiens Street as a regular feature in their traffic updates – with this proposal they would have to include back up at North strand, Fairview, Malahide Road, Howth road, Clontarf Road and beyond to their broadcast [...] I dread to think of evening southside to northside rush hour as traffic flows past Busarus in two lanes only to meet one at the Talbot street junction.

Councillor Nial Ring


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