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19th Sep 2018

PICS: Flying Patterns Of Four Flights Coming To Dublin Shows Just How Strong Storm Ali Really Is

Darragh Berry

Walking into work this morning, you probably found it hard to keep your feet as Storm Ali blew you around the place.

So imagine being a couple of thousands of feet in the air and trying to deal with the beast as it overpowers the country.

Well, some flyers – who haven’t had their flights cancelled because of Storm Ali – experienced some unusual flying experiences as pilots tried their best to land in Dublin.

Damian O’Brien was monitoring four different flights that came into Dublin Airport and was astounded by the amount of “aircraft circulating” that had to be done by the planes before they even tried to descend into Dublin.

These pictures are of flights heading for the capital from London, Glasgow, Helsinki and Boston

The Glasgow flight is the most noteworthy. It circles several times again and again just off Drogheda before the Ryanair plane eventually touches down.

The Boston and Helsinki flights seem to hover above land in Dublin for a good chunk of time before landing and the London flight follows a similar pattern to Glasgow’s as it too circles numerous times over the sea before hitting Dublin.

Dublin Airport say that high winds due to Storm Ali will have an impact on the flight schedule on Wednesday

Flyers are advised to “please check with your airline before coming to the airport.”

You can find information about departures here and information about arrivals here.

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