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22nd Sep 2020

Dublin baker creates incredible themed cupcakes inspired by the Emmys

Sarah Finnan


The Cupcake Bloke has continued on with his yearly tradition, baking four delish cupcakes inspired by the fashion choices of his fave Schitt’s Creek character. 

Any Schitt’s Creek fans out there? Obviously that’s a silly question judging by how many awards the show picked up at the Emmys this year… nine if you’re asking. Breaking the previous record for most wins in a single season for a comedy, the Canadian sitcom is as big a hit with the critics as it is with the likes of you and I.

Continuously top of the list when asking for Netflix recommendations, the series follows the trials and tribulations of the formerly wealthy Rose family. Forced to leave their pampered lives and up and move to Schitt’s Creek, the family find themselves living in a motel flat broke.

Paying tribute to one of his ‘favourite people EVER’, Dublin baker Graham Heterich – also known as The Cupcake Bloke – put his baking skills to the test, creating four seriously impressive cupcakes inspired by lead character Moira Rose. The dramatic matriarch of the family, she’s an eccentric former daytime soap opera star and is known for her fairly out-there getups… which, coincidentally enough, make for stunning cupcakes. See below for reference.

Not the first time Graham has cooked up something inspired by his fave awards season fashion choices, last year’s creations were modelled on red carpet looks worn by Billy Porter and Cate Blanchett.

Works of art or dessert? Hard to tell.

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