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09th Sep 2020

Dublin bakery giving out free bread starters for ‘Sourdough September’

Sarah Finnan


Helping us all in our pursuits of the perfect home-baked loaf, Bretzel Bakery in Portobello is giving away free sourdough starters all this month.

Lockdown restrictions may have eased slightly but my obsession with sourdough has only intensified. To quote Oscar Wilde: ‘I can resist everything but temptation’… and good bread.

September can often feel a bit like the start of the new year – think that’s partly down to the fact that I still plan my life according to the yearly academic calendar. I may be out of education almost two years now, but old habits die hard and the thrill of buying all-new stationery (that I only look at and never make use of) is enough to convince me that September is the ‘January of autumn’.

I think I may have found a new name for this month though, one that’s far more in line with how I want to live my life. Presenting: Sourdough September. Thought you’d like that one.

A concept inspired by Andrew Whitley, the founder of the Real Bread movement in the UK, the whole idea is to encourage the making/baking of sourdough bread. Here, here! Anything to fuel the carb-loading, I say.

Hoping to help us all in our pursuits of the perfect home-baked loaf, Bretzel Bakery on Lennox Street in Portobello is running a live stream how-to this evening. Taking guests through the finer points of sourdough baking, the event aims to give viewers the confidence to aspire to don their apron and give it a go.

And they’re even giving out free sourdough starters all this month for good measure too. Just call in, ask nicely and they’ll sort you out.

Bready, set, bake.

Header image via Instagram/The Bretzel Bakery

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