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02nd Jun 2018

Dublin’s Best Takeaway And Breakfast For 2018 Have Finally Been Revealed

Darragh Berry

We’re just going to announce this news very quietly.

We know you were on the tear last night (side note: don’t check that bank account just yet) and you’re already pledging allegiance to the ‘I’m never drinking again’ union – you liar.

Or, maybe you’re in great form. You swamped a hape of drink last night and you’d go at it again as a fine Pintman or woman would say.

Oh, you poor thing, that hangover is coming to you too, not now, maybe not even an hours time, but soon.

The majority of you won’t even touch food today. Nope, can’t be dealing with it and if I swallow anything it’s coming straight back up.

As for the rest of you, if you don’t eat, you actually think you will just shrivel up into a ball and melt.

For me, hangovers are cured with two things, a big breakfast and a big takeaway and lucky for you, and me, Dublin’s best of both have just been revealed.

98FM has released their Best of Dublin awards for 2018 which took place at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham on Friday night.

After thousands of nominations and over 280,000 votes, 16 winners took home a an Award for their outstanding contribution to the capital in categories like the two mentioned above as well as:

  • Best Butcher
  • Best Bar
  • Best Barber
  • Best Hero
  • Best Coffee
  • Best Salon
  • Best Restaurant
  • Best Dub
  • Best Sportsperson
  • Best Taxi Driver
  • Best Gym
  • Best Shop
  • Best Bus Driver
  • Best Sports Club
Best Of Dublin 98Fm

Do you agree? Does The Hazel House do the Best Breakfast and is Silvio’s the best takeaway in the capital?

Let us know in the comments, you hungry and hungover people.

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