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12th Jul 2018

Cyclists Warned About Youths “Tripping” People On Bikes In Dublin Area

Darragh Berry

As if cyclists on Dublin roads haven’t enough to deal with it. is warning cyclists that youths are trying to trip people up on the Royal Canal between Phibsborough and Drumcondra.

They are using a rope across the towpath and just as bicycles reach the rope, it is lifted in order to trip them up.

On Wednesday morning local resident, Gianluca Pengue said on Twitter: “If you’re cycling on the canal between Phibsborough and Drumcondra, far side from the main road, pay attention. Kids were lifting up a rope to catch cyclists. I called the police, they were already alerted and were intervening.”

The Gardaí confirmed that an incident had occurred on Tuesday evening and said that they “received a report that a group of youths were interfering with passing cyclists on Royal Canal Bank near Cross Guns Bridge, Dublin 7.”

“Three beat Gardai were dispatched and engaged with a group of youths present. Details were taken and there were no arrests. Enquiries are continuing.”

If an incident like this happens to you while cycling, Gardaí are advising that you get in touch and report it as soon as possible.

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