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20th Feb 2018

Dublin Shoplifter’s Bike Theft Is Nearest Thing To The Young Offenders That You’ll Get In Real Life

Darragh Berry

You know how Jock and Conor are notorious for stealing bikes in the famous film and now brilliant television show ‘The Young Offenders’, well we could imagine this real life case being a scene from the show. 

The Irish Independent is reporting that a prolific shoplifter with nearly 200 convictions got caught with a stolen bike in the worse way imaginable. 

The shoplifter was spotted by a Garda walking down a road with the stolen bike in his hand but which was still locked to a piece of railing. 

The man in question from Gloucester Diamond Park, Dublin, was arrested after the garda saw him carrying the bike which had clearly been pulled and stolen from a railing in the city centre. 

He admitted immediately that the bike was stolen property and pleaded guilty to the offence. 

He was jailed for two-and-a-half years on Tuesday because of the other convictions.

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