15-Year-Old's Vicious Dublin Burglary Like Something From "A Gangster Movie"

The judge described the case as "abhorrent".

Burglar June

A teenager in Dublin who was given a six-month suspended sentence has been told that his actions were like something out of "a gangster movie"

The 15-year-old threw a knife at a homeowner and threatened to return to shoot him according to The Irish Times.

Court reporter, Tom Tuite, states that the Dubliner also took part in two house burglaries as well as smashing up three cars after being dropped at the scene by an adult who he was allegedly working for.

"This looks like something from a gangster movie, it is awful." The judge stated.

The incidents took place in Terenure in late of last year.

He pleaded guilty and the judge described the situation he had gotten himself into as "abhorrent" because he was doing an adult's dirty work.

This comes a couple of months after a shocking report revealed that over Dublin homes were being burgled in a month.

Gardaí issued a warning for homeowners to be extra vigilant as gangs were now taking part in mass-burglaries around the city, and are said to have stolen tens of thousands of euros in cash and jewellery

However, burglaries throughout the country are lowering as there was a 31% decline in the number of burglaries nationwide over the past 12 months from 2016-2017.

Reports found that Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Waterford have been recognised as prime locations for burglaries.

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