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09th May 2018

The Amount Of Money Dublin Bus Make In Unclaimed Change Each Year Is Staggering

Darragh Berry

This is even more of a reason to keep your Leap Card topped up at all times.

We can’t be dealing with exact change for the bus. If the far is €2.85, chances are we’ll just give in €3 and be done with. 

Sure, 15c won’t put us up or down. Receipt? Probably balled up and thrown into the bin on the bus 

But ever 15c that goes into Dublin buses makes a huge difference to their profit and The Journal has found that the company has earned €5.7 million from unclaimed change receipts since 2012.

The publication stated that the company currently earns around €50,000 a month on unclaimed receipts, they have gathered €7.28m in fare overpayments in six years but only 1.5m of that has been reclaimed by customers.

There are five big earning routes who have all gathered hundreds of thousands in unclaimed receipts each, The 15, Clongriffin to the Ballycullen Road sits on top, raking in €435,149 in total since 2012. 

And the least unclaimed change gathered on a Dublin Bus route was The 56, Ballymount Road to Walkinstown Avenue which got a mere €1,156 for all of 2017

The Journal has published the full top five and bottom five.

We’re definitely going to be holding on to all of our receipts after that. Either that or making sure that there’s a surplus on our Leap Cards at all times. 

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