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08th Oct 2018

PIC: What A Dublin Bus Driver Did For This Girl Is Unheard Of In The Dublin Transport World

Darragh Berry

I learned the hard way that Dublin Bus waits for no one, even if you spend most of your life waiting for it.

On one of my first mornings in this city, I stood out for the bus, on the edge of the path and watched as it whisked past me.

I ran to the next stop which is luckily just a couple of hundred metres down the road, traffic was heavy so I was able to catch up with it just in time.

As I hopped on, I asked the bus driver why he had passed me by and he told me it was because I hadn’t put my hand out.

In Galway, for example, you’d be laughed at for putting your hand out for a bus but it’s an essential rule of Dublin bus life.

You’ll have witness times yourself when a bus driver might stop for someone who is running towards a bus stop, but stopping someone who doesn’t have their hand out at a bus stop is almost unheard of.

This Dublin Bus driver is different though and turned out to be a life-saver for someone who nearly missed their trip into town.

“Say what you want about Dublin Bus drivers, one of them just stopped for me when I was too busy looking at my phone and didn’t have my hand out ‘just in case’ this was the bus I was waiting on. Salt of the earth I tell ya.”

Sometimes even with our outstretched hands, we’ve been overlooked by certain bus drivers so we think this was a great shout from this driver.

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