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08th Mar 2018

This Girl Helped A Stranger When He Had A Serious Seizure On Dublin Bus And She Needs To Be Found

Darragh Berry

You can’t be going around doing this sort of kind deed without getting noticed, especially when it’s International Women’s Day. 

A Reddit user took to the website in order to find a girl by the name of Laura who stayed by their best friend’s side while he was having a seizure on the Route 1 service on Dublin Bus on Wednesday.

LEFFE666 wrote this Reddit post immediately after the incident took place and was blown away by her kindness. 

It reads:

“To the Laura on the number 1 bus this evening who looked after one of my best friends as he took a seizure and stayed with him until my partner and I arrived on the Drumcondra road. 

“A massive thank you for your kindness in staying with him until help came. Others would have went about there [sic] day and not bothered. He is fine by the way and very grateful for your help.

“It has just been on my mind at the random kindness you can come by in the city.

“Anyways lovely Laura where ever you might be at the moment thank you.”

Now, Dublin is a big enough area, so we don’t know how successful we’d be in trying to find the same Laura but we would love to give it a go. 

If you think you know what Laura it might be, let us know in the comments.

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