PICS: This Dublin Chinese Rips Into People Who Leave Bad Facebook Reviews

There's no mercy in these comments back from the owner...

Chinese Clondalkin

Nobody likes harsh criticism and if the harsh words are about an establishment that you've put your life and soul into, you can understand why someone would hit back.

That's what Mr. Lam in Clondalkin does.

Anyone who leaves a one star review on their Facebook page gets a stern word in return.

This photo was shared on Twitter by Moira and it shows that Mr. Lam takes absolutely no prisoners when it comes to the restaurant.

One star review? Barred.

Love Mr Lam's food? Barred.

Cold food? Throw us a PM and we might sort you out.

Fake review? You ovo work for Cafe Mao and are throwing people off the scent, duh.

Mr Lam, that's the name, that name again is Mr Lam.

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