This Dublin Company Gives You 'Pawternity' Leave And It's The Greatest Thing We've Ever Heard

A paid week at home from work to look after your new pet? yes please.


So, we vote that this initiative is brought into every company in Ireland, please and thanks.

Airsorted, the world’s largest host management service came to Dublin in 2016 and since then has been supporting homeowners to generate an income from their property. 

And now, they have came up with the greatest invention of all time - it's giving employees 'pawternity' leave.

Airsorted believes in giving animals the best start in their new home and so it introduced its new Pawternity Package. 

The thoughtful initiative gives employees - who wish to adopt or purchase a dog or cat - the flexibility to make it happen, with employees getting to spend the week working from home so they can be with their new pet 24/7 to help them settle in. 

That sounds just puuuuurfect. 

Airsorted’s Dublin City Manager, Rachael Moore said:

“Our Pawternity Package ensures that employees are given the flexibility and support to take on a kitten or puppy should they wish. We’re particularly passionate about this initiative because our employees make ideal pet-owners and we love that about them. 

"Although we only arrived in Dublin in late 2016, it’s already one of our best-performing cities with our current portfolio counting close to 150 properties across Dublin. We’re looking forward to increasing our footprint here and welcoming more employees who can avail of our culture benefits, like 'Pawternity', as we grow.”

Where do we sign up?

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