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28th Feb 2018

WATCH: Dublin Council Worker Pinned To Floor And Hammered With Snowballs By Co-Workers

Darragh Berry

Ah lads, this poor fecker never even had a chance…

Council workers in Dublin were doing their bit even today as the Beast from the East hit us hard with snow.

To be fair though, it seemed to be more fun and less work if this video that Lovin Dublin reader, Brian Hyland is anything to go by. 

The video sees one council worker pinned to the ground by surprise by two co-workers while the rest of them gang up on him and start pelting snowballs in his direction. 

He tries his best to get up but he’s helpless and is hit with shot after shot before eventually the answer his calls of mercy. 

Some of them can’t get the snow in his direction quick enough and even start kicking lumps of snow on to the poor buck.

At the end, they all go over and give him the tap on the back in a ‘well done’ fashion for taking part but we can’t imagine the pain he is feeling at that moment. 

Thanks to Brian Hyland for sending this our way, have you any gas snow videos? Send them into us on Facebook or direct to [email protected] please for a chance to be featured on site!