PIC: Single Heartbreaking Tweet Shows Demise Of Young Dublin Couple

Oh dear, the tears from the aftermath of this will fill the Liffey.

Dublin Couple Tweet Football

There's two things that have been known to get in the way of blossoming relationships; going at the silage and playing football.

As you know, there's not much silage to be found in the capital but by god do they love their football and they're not too bad at either.

So you can understand why anyone, boys or girls would choose to go kicking a ball instead of heading to the cinema with their other half.

Overheard in Dublin came across the early demise of a young Dublin couple in O'Connell street and the poor girl in question doesn't know the hardship that's about to come...

"Guy says to girl - "I'll meet you after the football."

Girl: "But I thought the football was finished!"

Guy: "The World Cup is, this is club football."

Girl: "And when is that finished??!!" Guy: "May.'"

Oh dear, and when club football finishes up, the county championship will be starting up and when that finishes, the Premier League will be back and the vicious cycle will never stop.

Just cut ties now, you'll save on Christmas presents in the long run.

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Darragh Berry

Darragh is a Mayo GAA fan for all his sins. He taught himself how to play guitar at the age of 11 and hasn't stopped playing Wonderwall since. Gets lost on the streets of Dublin as frequently as Mayo lose All-Ireland Finals. Contact - darragh@lovin.com