Dublin drive-thru coffee shop now serving espresso martinis

By Rory Cashin

December 30, 2020 at 2:25pm


Just make sure you've driven safely back home before giving them the taste test!

We just want to double down on what we've said just there, if you are going through the drive-thru to buy these delicious concoctions, be sure to be back indoors before cracking one of them open!

Now, let us focus on the goodies themselves!

Mint Coffee have only been open since the first week of December, and they've already made an impression with the locals, thanks to their mix of delicious hot drinks, as well as a great selection of killer toasties.

Based out of their container on Stradbrook Road in Blackrock, they've been offering hot whiskies and other Christmassy specialities for a few weeks now, but today they've unveiled a new creation.


Yep, you can head there and collect some espresso martinis and bring them back home, enjoying the classic cocktail without the needs of having to shake a single cocktail shaker yourself.

If boozy drinks aren't your thing, don't stress, as they've also launched this incredible looking Reese's Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate, to go with the Toblerone hot chocolate they launched last week.

Basically, we want to try one of each and every thing on this menu, please and thank you.


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