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17th Feb 2018

Dublin Fire Brigade Has Informed The Nation Of A Unique ‘Phenomenon’ Known As a ‘Gincident’

Megan Cassidy

Dublin Fire Brigade are on top of their game when it comes to social media, and they’ve nailed it again with their latest tweet. 

The team behind the Twitter account shared a tongue-in-cheek message with their followers yesterday evening, warning of the dangers of ‘gincidents’. 

They wrote: 

‘We don’t collate statistics for the phenomenon of . We do know however that cooking while a bit tipsy causes injuries and fires. Best leave confined to dancing on tables (which we don’t recommend either) ‘ 

The Dublin Fire Brigade are known for sharing a mix of witty and prudent tweets, and scooped the Best Social Media of a State Body title at the Social Media Awards in 2016. 

We can see why.

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