PIC: Dublin Store Charging Crazy Amount For Small Cone Of Ice Cream

Surely this is four or five times more than it should be...

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This Ice Cream receipt will actually leave you in the horrors.

There's nothing better than a lick of an Ice cream on a warm summer's day but you'd nearly have to remortgage the house to have a scoop or two in this place.

Reddit User, mebrowsingreddit posted this on site after the "Missus" bought one during the week and they are questioning what sort of gold dust is in it.

Ice Cream Grafton Street

Gino's Gelato on Grafton Street is really making the most of the sun. €8.60 for two small cones or €4.30 for one.

Nearly €13 and all you get is three ice creams? We'd rather put that towards a skhelp of pints.

Absolute madness, we're glad summer is coming to an end with prices like this.

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