Photos: Dublin Is Looking Fantastic Today As Pride Goes Into Full Swing

The streets of Dublin are awash with colour... and we love it!

The streets of Dublin are thronged today as Pride takes place – particularly as it's an especially important year, following Ireland's vote for equality last month and the good news from the USA last night.

Walking around the city this morning felt like a bit of a celebration, and although it will be hard to recreate the unique atmosphere seen on May 23rd, people look like they are intent on giving it a go.

Here are some of the best Pride pictures and videos you guys have been sharing today...

The streets have been thronged since early on

Everybody's been making an effort to look their best

With rainbows the order of the day

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Even our four-legged friends are getting involved

And the message already reaching the next generation to carry it forward

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Google staff even brought their big green Android robot out for a march

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And Airbnb came in their very own caravan

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Even the doors of Dublin can be made into a pride flag

Music and dancing is the order of the day

Lots of dancing, in fact...

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Well done Dublin, you've done it again – and look absolutely fabulous

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