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22nd Feb 2018

Dublin Man Admits To Doing Vicious Act On His Own Dog When It Misbehaves

Darragh Berry

Anyone who has a dog will be utterly disgusted by a conversation that Adrian Kennedy from Dublin Talks had last night with one Dubliner.

The topic of conversation for the night was surrounding “shock collars” on dogs which the host explained was “bad for a dog’s mental health”.

One of the first callers, a man by the name of Bugsy, said that the collars were a “great idea” for helping to train your dog.

His “great idea” was dismissed immediately by one of the following callers, a man called Mick.

Mick believes that “you don’t need a stupid collar to train a dog”.

“Someone just compared training a dog to training a child? If your child went [to the toilet] on the floor you wouldn’t put a child’s nose in it. But you would for a dog. It’s stupidity [to compare the two].”

When asked about using a shock collar, Mick stated that he did have one before but has resorted to other means of training his dog also.

“I had a shock collar before. Sometime you’d even get a bit angry and give him a bit of a boot as a way of saying ‘no’.”

Host Kennedy was shocked and when he asked Mick why he would kick his own dog, he said it was “just out of anger one day.”

Other callers proceeded to say that they were disgraced by Mick’s actions. One of them remarked, “dogs are like part of the family, would you kick your mother or your father?” to which Mick replied ” I suppose you’re one of those sad people who puts clothes on their dogs and feeds them and cradles them”

You can listen to the full conversation here.

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