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20th Dec 2016

Dublin Needs ‘Fast Lanes’ So You Can Avoid Slow Walkers


We’ve all been there – walking at a brisk pace to meet a friend for lunch and it seems like every single slow walker in the world has been teleported to the path right in front of you. You zip in and out, overtaking them only to encounter another person slowing you down every time.

It’s frustrating, it’s infuriating and it’s really fucking inconvenient.


Liverpool tackled this soul-destroying issue by opening Britain’s first ever fast pedestrian lane on one of their busiest shopping streets. Argos conducted research that claims 47% of the UK finds slow walking the most annoying aspect of high-street shopping, before installing the lanes.

While we’re lucky with some pedestrianised streets in the city centre, this could be very welcome around some of town’s busier areas such as College Green, O’Connell Street or along the Camden Mile.

Who’s with us on this?

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