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20th May 2019

PIC: Dublin Man’s ‘X-Rated’ Question In Irish Newspaper Is Going Insanely Viral

Darragh Berry

The question section of any Irish newspaper can often be the most entertaining page on the paper.

Whether it’s bizarre comments about a certain quote that was pulled out of context 7 weeks ago or whether the editor is getting a royal bollocking for his column last Sunday, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Now, our eyes lit up when we came across this because number one, we couldn’t believe what we were reading and number two, the person in question had left their full name and where they lived.

Hugh in Harold’s Cross, we’ll always remember you for this.

DannyBMayo posted this on Reddit and from several of the other questions, it looks like it’s from The Irish Times.

An Adult Question 2

Titled, ‘An Adult Question’, it reads:

“Sir – I see that some journalists are referring to Stormy Daniels as an ‘adult film star’. Does the word adult here signify that she is aged 18 or over? Or is it used in the same way that people refer to ‘adult’ book shops.

Yours, etc,

Hugh McFadden,

Harold’s Cross

Dublin 6W”

Hugh, we’re going to put you out of your misery, it’s the latter, chief.

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