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28th Feb 2018

Location CHANGED For Massive Northside V Southside Snowball Fight

Darragh Berry

A Facebook event was set up on Tuesday which sent everyone in Dublin into overdrive. 

‘Massive Snowball Fight With South Dublin’ was meant to take place at the Liffey on O’Connell Bridge on Wednesday at 3pm but lack of snow meant that it was an epic fail. 

However, the location has been changed and if these pics are anything to go by, there will be absolutely no lack of snow when the event goes ahead on Thursday at 1pm.

The fight has been moved to a new venue, Phoenix Park at a new time of one o’clock. 

The event reads:

“North v South in a vicious snowball fight to the death! Your chance to crack some 90 mile per hour curve balls off of Southsiders foreheads!! Who’s in?

“Please note that this is an unofficial event however there may be rogue snowballers loitering the streets and we may put snowball snipers in place on the day to absolutely lash any southsider out of it that tries to cross Phoenix Park so cross at your own peril…you have been warned!”

Over 5,000 people have already clicked ‘attending’ on the event at the time of writing but which side will you be on?

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