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21st Oct 2018

People In This Dublin Park Are Allegedly Trying To Steal Your Dogs So Watch Out

Darragh Berry

If you’re a dog owner, you’ll know that admiration is not something new.

Walking them through the park or down the street is a struggle because everyone wants to pet them and they want to be petted.

Perfectly normal.

However, someone got in touch with Clondalkin Animal Aid this week to raise some concerns about what they thought was an alleged attempted robbery of their dog.

In the Facebook post they said that:

“Hi, there are two men hanging around the lawn’s park (Le Fanu park) asking all about my dog.

“They called the dog over and said they were going to rob her. Then they asked if she was a pup, then checked for stitches & tried to look at her teeth.

“I’ve no doubt they were thinking of taking her off me.. Could you post this to warn other dog owners”

So, if you’re taking your dog for a walk, it’s necessary to keep it on a lead.

The ISPCA have also said that as well as posting about lost pets on their website, people should also “contact the local Dog Wardens in the area and provide the same information to them as you did on the lost pets form (sex, age, breed and description of your dog, as well as your contact details).

“You should also contact your local vets, local SPCAs and animal rescue centres to see if they have found your pet (list of ISPCA affiliated members here).”

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