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PIC: We’ve Found An €8.50 Dublin Pint And It’s Miles Away From Temple Bar

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We put out a question on Twitter asking people what they considered to be an expensive price to pay for a pint of something in the capital.

We’ve all came across the Temple Bar area pints which are always going to be south of €7/€8.

That’s fine, we’ve even come to accept it and we know that if we’re heading to Temple Bar for the craic, having that craic comes with the heavy price of paying for those pints.

But when the prices start rising outside the touristy spots like Temple Bar, then you know things are getting bad.

“Boom is back” all right.

€8.50 for this Kopparberg in The Old Orchard Inn in Rathfarnham.

You wouldn’t feel blowing €50 if you were planning on drinking that for the day.

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