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05th Jul 2018

PICS: These Specific Dublin Place Signs Are Being Destroyed And Targeted For Destruction

Darragh Berry

If you’ve noticed any place signs lately that have been darkened or vandalised, this very well may be the reason behind it.

A republican group called, Anti Imperialist Action Ireland, are claiming responsibility for destroying various street signs in South Dublin in a big operation that they hope will build a “campaign against colonialism.”

They posted pictures on their Facebook of multiple street signs on Victoria Road with the word ‘Victoria’ sprayed over with black paint.

In their Facebook post, the group said that:

“Irish Socialist Republicans have launched a campaign targeting street names named after British Imperialists in Ireland.

“Taking direct against colonialism, a number of street signs have been blacked out in Dublin including the so-called ‘Victoria Rd’ in Dalkey/Killiney named after England’s Genocide Queen who presided over a deliberate policy of ethnic cleansing in Ireland from 1845-1852.

“If you know of any streets in your area named after British Imperialists Black them out and let’s build the Campaign against Colonialism!”

People then pointed out place names in the comments where they thought the group should target next.

“Victoria Avenue in Donnybrook.”

“Wales Avenue in Ballsbridge.”

“What about streets like; Grafton, Chatham and Portland (to mention a few) named after prominent English politicians or British royal representatives?”

Have you noticed any of these street names being destroyed? Let us know in the comments.

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