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12th Aug 2020

Dublin restaurant facing ‘uncomfortable conversations’ when taking customer bookings

Sarah Finnan

Las Tapas de Lola

A popular tapas restaurant on Wexford Street, Las Tapas de Lola has been doing their darndest to stay afloat in the current climate. Recounting a number of “uncomfortable conversations” they’ve had with customers recently, owners have urged fellow hospitality business owners to protect their customers and team.

Encouraging restaurateurs to look out for both their customers and team, staff at Las Tapas de Lola have recounted two separate experiences they had recently while booking customers in for a meal.

“French ‘gentleman’ slams phone down as we were ‘asking too many questions’ seems quarantine an issue.

“Another insisted he’s ‘only here for a few days so what am I to do?’ #protectyour team #protectyourcustomres

“Sure they’ll have a different conversation with next restaurant.”

Commenting that it’s “mad” businesses have to police this, owners added that doing so “makes for uncomfortable conversations”.

Many have commended owners for their handling of the situation with one local man writing:

“The correct way to behave in a pandemic – don’t put profits over the health of your workforce. Well done.”

Responding to his comment, owners said that “profits are out the window in the current climate”, reiterating that it’s “all about survival and putting health & safety first”… though they do miss the hugs and kisses. Who doesn’t?!

Another added that she was “surprised” that the above is still happening, questioning if government tracking is being implemented. Already operating at a reduced capacity, recent Government guidelines have wiped a further 25/30 per cent of business.

Header image via Instagram/Las Tapas de Lola

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