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12th Dec 2020

Dublin restaurant shares stern words in light of recent customer behaviour

Sarah Finnan

Dublin restaurant

A very challenging time for the hospitality industry, restaurateurs and publicans are just about making ends meet at the moment. Trying to stay afloat while still adhering to public health guidelines, many places are only newly reopen. However, desperate as they are for custom, drunken, disorderly behaviour is where they draw the line.

Forced to deal with several unfortunate incidents in the past few days, owners at  57 the Headline have had enough – taking to Twitter to warn customers against showing up to their bookings drunk.

“Over the last couple of days we have refused drunks showing up for their bookings, kicked ppl out for refusing to follow guidelines and issued several warnings to tables about behaviour. And what did we get for it?

“Well apart from thanks from other tables, we got an evening of abusive phone calls, poor reviews on trip advisor & Google. Drunk abusive ppl, and those who wish to put public safety at risk will not be tolerated here. You don’t deserve our time and you should be ashamed of your behaviour. It’s only a village we live in.”

Summing it up in three simple words – “Just be nice.”

Header image via Twitter/57 the Headline

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