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26th Jan 2018

PIC: This Dublin Person Believes They Saw A UFO On Thursday Night

Darragh Berry

A Dubliner took to Reddit on Thursday night and was quite confused about the experience they just had.

The user – with the handle: fresh_vegetable posted a picture on Reddit and said that: “I think I saw a UFO today on Ballyogan Road, Dublin 18. (Two lights on the top left) They blinked for 30secs and disappeared.”

Some said that it was “airline lights” while others used a Simpsons reference and joked that it was the Northern Lights: “Aurora Borealis! At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country?”

The Dubliner, who spotted the lights at Ballyogan road in Carrickmines, is adamant that they saw something spectacular in the skies.

Do you think there is any evidence in these photos though?

Ufo 1
Ufo 2

One other user was extremely helpful about the matter and said that if the lights “blinked concurrently (which they did) then it is likely that both lights are part of one object, alternating proposes perhaps 2 objects”

We need more proof please.

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