Amazing News – Dublin Will Have Underground Multi-Storey Bike Parking Within Four Years

Bike theft has risen 227% in the last decade – so this is a welcome development


A senior Dublin City Council engineer has stated that Dublin will have its own multi-storey bicycle parking with the next four years.

Multi-storey underground bicycle parking is commonplace in Japan, where it's been proven to be extremely effective in reducing the rates of bicycle theft while also being more space efficient.

It’ll be three or four years yet before the Japanese style parking happens. In the meantime, we’ll be trying to use existing car parks and use those spaces in the city.

Michael Phillips, Dublin City Council’s Director of Traffic and City Engineer

The systems are accessed via a street-level entrance, which automatically brings bikes underground to an allocated slot. It is then retrieved by a unique code or key, possessed only by the owner (as you can see in this video from one of our earlier articles).

The rate of bike theft in Dublin has increased 227% in the past decade, and there have been concerns that this has been scuppering the growth of cycling within the city – so this is a most welcome development, and one that will hopefully reverse this trend.


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