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20th Dec 2016

Dublin’s 12 Hipster Pubs Of Christmas


I’ve been asked loads of times to put a list together for the 12 pubs of Dublin and I wanted to put a slightly different slant on it so here are 12 of the most hip pubs in the city. You are clearly going to be hammered along this little journey wearing your snazzy jumpers and fairy lights so I’ve kept them more or less in a straight line. Enjoy it and unlike other big fancy sites I don’t have anybody to answer to so I don’t have to say drink sensibly. Get shitfaced, shift your co-worker, piss in an alley and deviate away from the plan into coppers if you feel like it. Enjoy!

George Bernard Shaw

What better place to start than probably the most hipster of all the pubs in our capital. Little bit of a treck out of town but better walking when you are sober and working your way in!
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Bleeding Horse

The key with this is that none of the pubs are that far apart so get the crowd gathered and make your way down to the corner of Camden Street and grab a quick one at the horseshoe shaped bar. 



One of the coolest bars in the city you can grab some craft beer here and listen to a DJ pumping some tunes in the relaxed ambience.

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Against The Grain

You are really getting into the hipster side of things now as you enter this craft beer haven. Any amount of drinks to be had in here and things will be getting a little rowdy at this stage.



Probably the longest walk of the night but you are getting down to the heart of the city now and one of the best pubs in the city. Grab a bottle of beer in here and you are slipping into the main part of the night. 


The Bar With no Name

If you are unlucky enough to be marshalling all the fuckers in the group then this is where it is getting a little harder and you have to get them up the stairs into a place with no name. Not easy. 


The Hairy Lemon

Epic little pub on the corner of Drury Street and you can just push everybody through the door and get them down the back of the place where it is dark and you won’t notice all the hammered people. 



Pop down onto the uber trendy South William Street and you might have to drag your group of hammered mates through all the good looking people and posers but you will fall into Grogans where nobody really cares how pissed you are. 


The Pyg

You’ll probably find at this stage that people are shitfaced and scattered around the street smoking and shifting each other so the good news is that the next pub is just across the road.

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The Exchequer

If you can manage to get everybody this far then you are doing well. If you are up for a challenge lash a cocktail into you all here and really up the ante.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 21.46.28

The Stags Head

Drag everybody out the door and fall down the street to the iconic Stags head pub where you can expect people to be ordering shots and have the group seriously starting to spilt up with plenty of talk of night clubs. Nearly there now.


Number 4 Dame Lane

This is probably as close as you are going to get to a nightclub because people will be way to hammered to get you all into one place together. If you’ve come this far well done you have played a blinder and completed the 12 Hipster pubs of Dublin.