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23rd Jan 2018

One Of Dublin’s Most Famous Pubs Has Gotten Into Major Trouble

Darragh Berry

The Irish Independent is reporting that The Red Cow Inn has been fined €2,000 after selling cigarettes to a minor during an undercover test purchase. 

T & S Taverns t/a Red Cow Inn was prosecuted at Dublin District Court on Monday after the HSE had sent an environmental health inspector and a 15-year-old test buyer to the pub to buy cigarettes. 

It was also ordered to pay €1,000 in prosecution costs. 

Reporter Tom Tuite stated that premises with cigarette vending machines operated by discs were targeted and that a purchaser had to ask a member of staff for a disc to use the cigarette vending machine – as heard in court. 

The health inspector ordered a drink at the bar and while one staff member was serving him, the 15-year-old asked for a token for the machine from another worker while also asking for change for the machine too. 

The boy told the worker his actual age and confirmed that the cigarettes were for him but he was still served. 

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