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20th Dec 2016

Dublin’s New FEED Salad Service Lets You Feed Yourself And The World’s Poorest Children At The Same Time


A new salad delivery service called FEED will provide Dublin with a healthy and socially conscious lunchtime option as of this Monday, September 7.

FEED was started by Shane Ryan, a young hospitality graduate who repatriated to Ireland after spending a number of years working in luxury hospitality in Asia, the Middle East and Continental Europe. He says:

FEED was created with two things in mind – to challenge the traditional concept of the salad and to bring fun and variety to the lunch hour, helping Dublin’s health conscious professionals escape the lunch box blues.


To aim of FEED is to be lunch with a conscience – for every FEED you buy, the company provides a life-changing meal to one of the world’s poorest children in the developing world through their charity partner, Mary’s Meals.

To order a salad from the new business, you simply log onto or the FEED Facebook page here, order your salad and pick it up the next day at the collection point. You’ll find the FEEDcycle carrying your salad on the south side of the Sean O’Casey bridge.


Each season FEED creates a new menu of five salads reflecting the availability of fresh ingredients. There’s a new salad for every day of the week, prepared daily in Drumcondra before being transported by FEEDcycle to the bank of the River Liffey.

Take a look below to see FEED’s Launch Menu, which you can avail of next week.


Monday: Spinach, Cannellini Beans, Black Beans, Sweet Potato, Smoked Paprika, Popped Quinoa, And Lime Marinated


Tuesday: Cauliflower Rice, White Quinoa, Black Quinoa, Almonds, Walnuts, Beetroot, Carrot, Courgette, and Pomegranate


Wednesday: Courgette Noodles, Garden Peas, Broad Beans, Almonds, Goats Cheese, Za’Atar, and Cucumber Mint Raita


Thursday: Carrot And Cucumber Ribbons, Radish, Peanuts, Wholegrain Rice, Broccoli Rice, Salad Seaweed, Ginger, and Soy


Friday: Turmeric Barley, Rocket, Blueberries, Fennel, Walnuts, Pumpkin Seeds, Orange, Cashew, Orange, and Turmeric Dressing

Each FEED costs €5.50 for a 180g serving. A full list of ingredients as well as nutrient information can be found on each box. All FEED packaging is 100% bio-degradable, so it can be disposed of with food waste or with recyclable materials. Ingredients are delivered each morning with each FEED made the same day.

FEED is all about reclaiming your lunch break – it’s your time – so skip the queue at your usual haunt and head to the river for a FEED before doing something you love.

Shane Ryan, owner of FEED

If you want to try out FEED this week, you can place your order on the website here or Facebook here.

You’ll find the FEEDcycle carrying your salad on the south side of the Sean O’Casey bridge, Monday to Friday from 12pm until 2.30pm.