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10th Jul 2017

Ed Sheeran To Announce More European Stadium Dates Tomorrow


Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran broke all sorts of records over the weekend by selling out a whopping fourteen gigs across Ireland and The UK for his highly-anticipated 2018 tour. 

The Yorkshire man boasted huge ticket sales across the U.K also, announcing four additional stadium dates to accommodate his legion of fans. 

Sheeran stated on his Instagram his shock at the enormous volume of tickets being sold. 

The singer also took to Instagram in a separate post to announce that,more stadium dates going up tomorrow in Europe too, as pretty much all of that has gone too”.

He also wrote under the caption,”Couldn’t find a picture to tweet so here are my cats being sleepy and cute x”.

Great news for Ed. Great news for the fans. And great news for cat lovers. 

Looks like great news all ’round.

Here’s hoping he announces another Dublin date!

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