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17th Mar 2021

Eight green drinks Paddy’s Day drinks to try today

Lynda Keogh

Lá Fhéile Pádraig!

Personally I’m not into the whole wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day – the colour brings flashbacks of fourteen years in a green ankle length wool uniform. *shudders*

But now, I can definitely get involved in drinking green to get into the festive spirit for Paddy’s Day! Here are eight green Paddy’s Day drinks to try today!

Green Beards

Feelin’ fresh and looking for bit of a mid-week boost? Green Beards always come through with the super-food-vitamin-packed juices and smoothies. Green juices always look a bit scary, but they’re so refreshing and I promise they taste good!

One Kinda Folk 

For the day that is in it – go green with a matcha! It also looks like it could be a cracker of a day so why not go for an iced matcha latte? One Kinda Folk realllllly know their stuff.

Urban Health

Why not keep it festive with this Green Paddy’s Day Protein Smoothie, packed full of all the good stuff to keep you going today!


A drive-through-life-saver of a spot in Blackrock, these guys serve up Chamberlain Coffee and unreal sambos on the regular. Would also be a big fan of their hot chocolates too! Today they are doing Green Apple-Tinis to-go – just make sure you’ve safely driven home before you give this one a taste test!!

Grind 101

You’ll find these guys in the chrome Airstream in Carrickmines Retail Park. Their overall aesthetic is sassy, and we like that. For the day that’s in it they’re serving up a Shamrock Espresso Shake. Get down quick, this bad boy is available for today only!

Glover’s No 7 

Glover’s are always on point when it comes to coffee and treats, and HOLY GOD their hot chocolates. But today the gals are serving up this minty fresh chocolate chip milkshake. It’s a yes from us!

Fallon & Byrne 

What is more festive than a green matcha latte? A shamrock matcha latte, yes you read that right.

Hang Dai

Why not grab cheeky little green cocktail to top off the day! A fancy fat frog to bring us all back to our youth, but in a more mature and notion-y way. Here for it!

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Lead Images via Instagram/fallonandbyrne and Instagram/grind101_