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Ever Skipped A Meal To Pay Rent? You’re Not The Only One According To New Study

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There is nothing in this world that gives me anxiety like the week before payday.

With renting prices at an all-time high, tenants in Dublin are really struggling to keep their heads above water. Every time you see money go in, a huge chunk of it needs to be taken out for that luvly gaff that probably took you months to find.

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions recently conducted a survey on 1,500 people under the age of 34 and found that many workers were skipping meals to pay rent.

Times seem to be tighter than you’d think.

The study found that half of the participants are going without essentials such as food, heating and transport so that they can pay rent.

10% of people admitted that more than half of their wages was being spent on rent.

It’s a tough time for young workers in Dublin. Dr. Laura Bambrick, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions’ explained:

“Lives are being damaged and destroyed and a whole generation of young workers are now feeling alarming levels of frustration, insecurity and despondency with their housing situation.”

Hopefully this situation will improve in the next while.

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