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08th Jul 2017

Every Noodle-Lover Needs To Visit This Authentic Northside Noodle-Dedicated Eatery

Alana Laverty

If there’s one food I will never grow tired of eating, it’s noodles. 

Breakfast, lunch, dinner – you name the time, I’ll eat ’em. 

I grew up eating the best handmade, fresh noodles in Ireland (found in DaTang Noodle House , Co. Galway) and have struggled to find an eatery in Dublin that serves noodles as fresh and as good since. 

But with a bit of perseverance, a bottomless pit of a stomach and an excuse to eat in every restaurant in Dublin, I found noodles as good, if not better. 

The restaurant in question?

Lee’s Charming Noodles

Usually when it comes to these foodie features I’ll go on a spiel all about it. 

But honestly? 

There’s not much to the restaurant itself bar how excellent their food is, so I’mma let these pictures speak for themselves:

Melt-in-your-mouth Mapo Tofu

Drooling yet? ‘Cos we certainly are. 

Rich broths, soft elastic noodles, full-bodied sauces, tender meats, fresh, crisp veg and perfectly seasoned seafood can all be found at Lee’s Charming Noodles. 

Came for the noodles but stayed for the perfect, bullshit-free dining experience every time. 

Heavenly comfort in a bowl:

Other things to note: 

  • Their homemade dumplings will change yo life
  • They opened in 2005, so they know their way around a noodle 
  • Most dishes range between €7-€12, with huge portions, so you’re getting serious bang for your buck
  • They’re located in Dublin’s unofficial Chinatown, at 105 Parnell Street 
  • They’re as passionate about cooking noodles as we are about eating them
Screen Shot 2017 07 08 At 17 07 18

Anyone I’ve ever brought to Charming Noodles over the years has become addicted – so may that be a warning to you. No plate or bowl of noodles will ever be the same to you, after enjoy Charming’s.

Don’t believe me? Check out their Tripadvisor reviews – they’ll tell you much of the same. 

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