EXCLUSIVE: First Look At Aungier Danger's New Pop-Up At Arnotts

Sweet baby jesus.

20160203 095933

Earlier this morning we informed all you lovely humans that Aungier Danger has opened a pop-up in Arnotts for the month of February.

Located inside a window on the Henry Street side of the store, it's already kicked off with massive crowds – so naturally, we decided to go one step further by checking out the new spot ourselves.

All in the name of research, of course...

20160203 095835
20160203 095656
20160203 100838
20160203 095553
20160203 095755
20160203 091833
20160203 095627

Pics: Marie Madden

So now whenever you need your doughnut fix, there's an Aungier Danger on either side of the Liffey. Doughnuts count as one of your five a day – swear!

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