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This Is Hands Down The Best Place To Get Eyelash Extensions In All Of Dublin

By Alana Laverty

September 27, 2017 at 1:45pm


Our eyes are delicate, sensitive and beyond important.


They're also one of our most noticeable features – the windows to our soul, yeah?

So naturally we want them to stand out and look their absolute best. 

The likes of eyeshadow and mascara go a long way into making them pop, but once you try *good* lash extensions you'll never look back. 

My obsession and addiction started exactly a year ago this week, when I got my first ever set of Birkin Lashes

Screen Shot 2017 02 16 At 11 45 30

I was recommended by a friend to visit Ana of Birkin Lashes after I had a total, and very expensive, botch job done in the salon of one of Dublin's department stores. 

I had just gotten a load of emergency tax back and wanted to treat myself to something nice. I'd always wanted to try eyelash extensions so I did a bit of (clearly shite) research and settled on this particular place. 

And mother of God was I disappointed. 

After paying €120 for a full set of Mink/Nova lash extensions I headed home. My eyes felt a little uncomfortable but I thought that maybe they would just take some getting used to. 

I was wrong. 

I woke up the next morning to find my eyes red and sore, and my pillow littered with little curly eyelashes – my heart was broken. 

To my knowledge I hadn't been messing with them or pulling at them during the night. 

I rang them, explained what happened and they told me that the beautician probably hadn't used enough glue and invited me back in to have them fixed. 

Instead of removing and redoing them properly, the beautician just coated my lashes with heaps of more glue and shoved a pile lashes on top of them. 

Upon first glance they looked grand. But fast forward a week and I was in agony

Every time I blinked or sneezed it felt like shards of glass were poking into my corneas. The extensions were weighing down my natural lashes and getting caught in my bottom lashes. They were crunchy, droopy, tangled and so, so painful. 

Friends and coworkers noticed I was constantly poking and pulling at them, which I really couldn't help. They were just so irritating and sore. At this stage I was f*cking done with eyelash extensions and just wanted to banish them to the depths of hell. 

I felt stupid and completely ripped off. 

Until someone told me about Ana of Birkin Lashes, and how she was a literal miracle worker and could restore my lashes back to their original condition. 

I needed to get the crappy ones removed anyways, so after hearing raving reviews of Birkin Lashes I decided to give lash extensions one last chance

I got an appointment with Ana as soon as she could see me, explained my dodgey situation and she was absolutely horrified at the state of my lashes. 

This was the before – try not to wince while looking at this total disaster. 

Screen Shot 2017 02 16 At 13 09 42

Ana detangled and removed the nightmare lashes, cleansed them and then spent about an hour and a half Birkin-ifying them. 

It wasn't an easy task. My lashes were sparse, bent, creased and damaged almost beyond repair. 

But she worked her magic – and I came out looking like this

Screen Shot 2017 02 16 At 13 18 12

I look sad in the pic, but inside I promise you I was ecstatic. Bear in mind I had lost almost half of my own lashes due to the weight of the last set, so these aren't as full as they could've beeen. 

Fast forward a year later, I've been getting Birkin Lashes every 3-4 weeks and I'm beyond addicted. 

They don't damage my natural lashes whatsoever, I have very little fall-out, but the lashes that do shed are of their own accord and in their own time. 

My lashes now grow quicker than they ever have before.

Hence my frequent return visits so that Ana can reapply the lashes closer to the root and fill in any gaps. 

Ana is inundated with clients who've gotten their lashes destroyed by inexperienced, poorly-trained/untrained lash technicians in Dublin and has to fix such atrocities on a daily basis. 

For example, one 'mink' lash applied to FIVE natural lashes that are all stuck together with glue, as seen below.  

12717500 910149782433153 903758358924130048 N

That image gives me nightmares. Ouch. 

All the lashes I lost last year have now regrown, so my sets are the fullest they've ever been. 

Screen Shot 2017 02 16 At 13 23 47

But enough about me. 

Here's all you need to know about Birkin Lashes:

  • They're NOT mink – real hair can uncurl, straighten and droop very easily
  • Birkin Lashes are synthetic silk lashes which are so light (in weight), dark (in colour) and curly, curly, curly <3
  • Ana trained in both Moldova and London and is recognised as the best of the best
  • Birkin Lashes cost a fraction of what you can end up paying for lashes elsewhere in Dublin
  • She never, ever rushes – every client gets her full attention for as long as it takes (but if you are getting old, non-Birkin lashes removed, let her know in advance so she can allocate time for removal)
  • No glue ever remains on the lashes after the lash extension falls off. 

There are three different type of Birkin Lashes

Classic extensions 

  • One lash extension per natural lash 
  • First application: one hour and a half (€65)
  • Refills: one hour – every 3 weeks (€45) every 4 weeks (€50) 

If you're looking for natural but enhanced lashes then these are your perfect match. 

16779919 1760311267619141 908736225 N

2D Lash extensions

  • Two lashes per natural lash 
  • First application: two hours (€75)
  • Refills: one hour – every 3 weeks (€55) every 4 weeks (€60)  

Slightly more dramatic than the classics but still beautifully natural. 

16790578 1760665724250362 1791857711 N

Hollywood Queen lash extensions 

  • Six to 12 lashes per natural lash, depending on your natural lash density
  • Two and a half hours for first application (€95)
  • Refills: one hour – every 3 weeks (€65) every 4 weeks (€75)

These are the most dramatic, voluminous and dense of the lot. I've only had the Hollywoods once – for a special occasion and they are definitely as dramatic as it gets. You'll feel like a queen – guaranteed. 

16790642 1760311227619145 231184301 N

I got a 'soft Hollywood' as I have less lashes than your average Joe, but this is what a full Hollywood Queen set can look like. 

16776204 1760663514250583 1465948286 O

Every review Birkin Lashes has ever gotten is 5/5 stars which speaks for itself 

Screen Shot 2017 02 16 At 13 51 50

I cannot recommend Birkin Lashes enough (clearly) – they're my one consistent treat every month. 

With them I feel like I can just wake up and go to work without makeup. They make me feel made up, without makeup, and boost my confidence loads. 

They save me time in the morning and save me the hassle of applying and removing mascara every day. 

The only downside? I feel SO naked without them (my natural lashes are thin and light in colour). I want Birkin Lashes forever.

Lash extensions may not be for everyone, but this is my lazy gal life hack so that I can get away with rocking out of bed and straight into work. If you've always wanted to try lash extensions but have been unsure and wary – this is me telling you that they're so worth it, are pain- and hassle-free and 

Don't knock 'em 'til you've tried 'em lads. 

Want your very own Birkin Lashes?

Contact Ana on Facebook or give'r a text on (086) 457 5059 and tell her I sent you x

She's mad busy - so make sure to book 8 weeks in advance and be patient with her folks - she's in high demand!

Screen Shot 2017 09 27 At 14 38 53

Ana is spot on – there’s no bullshit with her. You’re there for one thing, and one thing only: the best and most perfectly applied lashes in all of Dublin city. 

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