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20th Dec 2016

Our Find-A-Flatmate Drinks Are Back – Sign Up Now For Our Next Event On September 30!


As the old saying goes: If it works, keep doing it.

Well actually, I’m not entirely sure if that is actually an old saying. But hey… that’s not important right now.

What’s important is that our Find-A-Flatmate Drinks are coming back on Wednesday, September 30, from 5.30pm in The Stag’s Head, after an absolutely cracking start this week.

Find-A-Flatmate Drinks, you say?

Oh, you hadn’t heard? Effectively it’s speed-dating, only you’re looking for a place to live instead of… well, y’know.

  • Come to The Stag’s Head at 5.30pm on Wednesday, September 30 (no, there are no RWC Matches that night).
  • Take a green badge if you’ve got a room to let, and take a red badge if you’re looking for a room – or if you’re looking to team up with others to rent together.
  • There’s a free drink for everyone with a green badge!
  • Grab a drink, get chatting and see if you come across any like-minded peeps who could become your new flatmate.

To register, just fill out the form below – it’s first-come first-served, and we were turning away people from the last one, so sign up now!

It’s as simple as that – so hopefully see you on September 30!