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05th Mar 2018

Five Things To Do In Dublin Today Now That It’s FINALLY Stopped Snowing


The crunchy white snow outside our gaffs is fiiinally melting (kinda), shops are back open and restaurants and cafes are whirring back into life. 

So, what to do today with your newfound freedom? Here’s five things to do in Dublin today that will make you feel like you haven’t just been stuck indoors all week watching Netflix series and eating carbs. 

Wrap up warm and get out of the house to do a bit of exploring.

1. Dublin Castle and The Chester Beaty Library 

You probably pass tourists milling around Dublin Castle every day and never pay much attention. 

Not all of the attraction is free, but you’ll be able to access The Chester Beaty Library and The Revenue Museum with no charge.

2. The Camembert Quartet at The Westin 

From 8pm – 10pm the Mint Bar at the Westin will turn your usual mundane Sunday night into a night of great music from one of Ireland’s greatest entertainment bands. 

The Camembert Quartet has played all over Ireland and beyond and is the house band for The Late Late Show, the worlds longest running chat show, presented by Ryan Tubridy.

The Mint Bar

3. Bingo with Shirley Templebar in The George

Think bingo is boring? Think again: this drag bingo in The George nightclub is an absolute riot of good vibes, open minds and lots and lots of booze. 

The jackpot is €1,300 and the craic kicks off at 9pm. 

4. Head to your favourite pub, preferably one that has a fireplace

Shoot the breeze over a few pints with your pals before you all have to face the office tomorrow…

Luckily, we have a list of cosy Dublin pubs with fireplaces right here.

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5. Support your local businesses who had to close during the snow by picking up a few bits 

Organic veg from the grocers down the road? Grab some from there instead of your chain supermarket and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Make the effort to get coffee or cake or even a bottle of wine from independent stores in your area – they’ll appreciate the help. 

Make the most of your last day off work… Back to the grind tomorrow!

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