Flat Hunters Take Note As Dublin City Council Considers Dropping Apartment Standards

It's hoped to ease the housing crisis


Dublin City Council has proposed lowering the minimum standards on apartments in an effort to combat the city's housing crisis.

The new development plan would see the classification of studio apartments applied to private rental schemes that are 20% smaller than they are currently required to be.

The 'dual aspect' requirement will be dropped, which states that an apartment must have two different windows on two different walls. A ban will also be lifted on single aspect apartments that are north facing.

The proposed plan would come into effect from 2016 until 2022 and it's main goal is to increase housing in the capital. Chief Executive Owen Keegan hopes to provide 4,200 more homes each year with the scheme.

The Royal Institute of Architects in Ireland and the Construction Industry Federation have already called for the relaxation of apartment standards, especially for the dual aspect requirement which limits the number of apartments that can be built on one floor.

Dublin City Council will decide on housing development plans on September 16.

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