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26th Jan 2018

FLYEfit Has Announced A Massive ‘One Day Only Sale’ For New Members Today

Darragh Berry

Is your New Year’s Resolution of going to the gym still going strong? Oh, you haven’t actually started that new plan yet?

We’ve caught you out, but that’s okay because the year is still young, so are you and FLYEfit are offering a deal to new customers that they will find very hard to refuse.

They are giving new visitors to their gyms across Dublin the chance to join for absolute ZERO amount of money.

That’s right, for one day only (26th January), FLYEfit are letting people sign up to their gyms with 100% off their joining fee. 

You can sign up using the FLYEfit website and when you enter the Promo Code: FLYEPAYDAY, the offer of a €0 joining fee kicks into action. 

For more information about the deal, you can visit the FLYEfit website.

Making this good Friday, a great Friday.

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