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12th Jun 2018

Gardaí Hoping To Ban These 6 People From O’Connell Street And Surrounding Areas

Darragh Berry

The Irish Independent is reporting that Gardaí are looking to impose an anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) on six people in the Dublin area.

The ban would stop these people from being at O’Connell Street and the surrounding areas for the next two years.

It would cover majority of the northside of Dublin’s city centre and the ban would be in place between 7am to 9pm until 2020.

The people in question, five men and one woman, have no fixed address but have been issued with summonses by Gardaí who have allegedly received three or more behaviour warnings from Gardaí in the area.

The court will hear evidence in September and will determine whether to give these people an ASBO or not.

Anti-social behaviour occurs where a person causes or, in the circumstances is likely to cause, to one or more persons who are not of the same household as the person:

  • Harassment or
  • Significant or persistent alarm, distress, fear or intimidation or
  • Significant or persistent impairment of their use or enjoyment of their property.

Failure to abide by the order can lead to a criminal prosecution and a six-month jail term as well as a fine of up to €2,500.

Very few ASBO’s have been issued in Ireland and between 2007-2012, only seven were handed out in total, so if these are issued it would be one of the issuing of orders at one time that the country has ever seen.

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