Good News Folks, The IFI's Open Day This Saturday Means Free Movies For All

That's our weekend sorted!


Now that you’ve all seen Jurassic World - and the numbers suggest that you must have - this weekend offers up enough to bring you right back to the cinema.

From a fresh take on the Sherlock revival to a full day of free films, there’s plenty to see this week..

The All-Dayer: IFI Open Day

Saturday 20th June, IFI Dublin.

One of Dublin’s most anticipated annual film events, IFI Open Day takes place this Saturday, offering up a full day of beloved classics, exclusive previews and workshops. Highlights of this year’s programme include the chance to see classics like Back To The Future, Jaws and Monty Python’s Life Of Brian on the big screen, alongside previews of Kevin Smith’s horror Tusk, and the upcoming Al Pacino starrer, Manglehorn. Irish film is well represented in the form of this year’s Audience Choice screening, with Dónal Foreman’s coming of age drama Out Of Here beating out the likes of Boyhood and Whiplash in the public poll.

Did we mention it’s all completely free? Tickets go on sale from the IFI at 11am Saturday and queues are inevitable, so get down there early!

Irish Film Institute Dublin

The Local: Mr Holmes.

From Friday 19th June. General Release.

For many, the prospect of yet another Sherlock movie might bring on feelings of franchise fatigue. However this take on Baker Street’s finest shows that there’s still life left in the Holmes legend. Director Bill Condon achieves this by focusing on the legend itself, as an aging Holmes casts an eye back upon his illustrious career while his memory begins to degenerate. Powered by a brilliant lead performance from Sir Ian, Mr. Holmes is well worth your time!

The Throwback: The Terminator.

From Tues 23rd June, IFI Dublin/ Light House Cinema

In anticipation of next month’s decidedly iffy looking Terminator: Genisys, its as good a time as any to take a look back at James Cameron’s much-loved original from 30 years ago. Sure, the effects haven’t endured half as well as those in the 1991 follow-up, but that only adds to the appeal of this gloriously 80s classic.

Now, who's buying the popcorn?

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