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Google’s 1916 ‘Walking Tour’ Is Narrated By Colin Farrell, And It’s Absolutely Brilliant

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We all knew Google would come up with something pretty special to mark 1916.

After all – wisecracks about corporate tax to one side – they’ve forged a real home for themselves in the city, right in the shadow of the Boland’s Mill site that Dev took over during the rebellion.

Well, their virtual tour was unveiled to the public today, and it’s certainly delivered on all such expectations.


Narrated by none other than Colin Farrell, it allows users to ‘follow’ a trail through the city – and uses a combination of Street View, archived images and contemporary footage to really make the most of the tech giant’s capabilities in bringing the history to life.

Cracking effort, and one that absolutely everyone – Irish or otherwise – needs to check out.

Click here to take the tour.

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