Gorgeous New Health Store in Ranelagh Selling The Most Virtuous Treats

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If you're on a health buzz and looking for some nice healthy treats to see you through the month, then you need to check out the brand new health store that's after setting up in Ranelagh.

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Urban Health is located under the luas bridge in Ranelagh and is a lovely airy space selling the most virtuous foods you could hope to add to your diet including superfood mixes, paleo bars, raw chocolate and juices . When you walk in you can tell straight away that it's brand new; it's so squeaky clean and fresh.

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In addition to their range of fresh juices, Urban sells lots of homemade treats such as cocao and hemp energy bars, banana bread, raw chocolate bark, protein balls, breakfast pots, sandwiches, wraps and coffees... All which look amazing. I thought it would be unfair to review their food just yet as they're only open a few weeks and it was a quiet Sunday afternoon when I called in, I'll go back in a month or so when they're more in the swing of things to check out their lunch menu.

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Aside from the fresh, homemade food options, Urban holds a stock consisting of a lot of superfoods such as goji berries, cocoa nibs, hemp seeds etc, as well as cows milk alternatives, condiments and healthy pantry essentials. If you're on a health buzz you'll definitely find something you like; the Superlife Breakfast Topper is a favourite of mine. There isn't a huge amount of stock on the shelves, or rather a huge amount of shelves on the walls, but the shop is still brand spanking new, so I imagine over the coming months their stock and fresh produce range will expand. This is a spot definitely worth checking out if you're based in Ranelagh, you'll no doubt find a few bits to take home with you.

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