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16th Dec 2019

Half and Half has the ultimate hangover munch

Sarah Finnan

Everyone knows there are two types of hangover: one where even the mention of food makes you feel violently ill, the other where all you can do is eat…and eat and eat.

I personally prefer the second kind, though if I’m honest I’d prefer no hangover at all.

The only thing that makes the Sunday fear that bit more bearable is a whopper feed and the grub at Half and Half looks nothing short of unbelievable.

Located out in Blanchardstown, they have everything from burgers to chicken to salads. Not to mention nachos, mac and cheese and fries.

Oh, the fries.

Serving up some of the biggest portions I think I’ve ever seen; I reckon that it will cure your hangover faster than you can say hair of the dog.

Let’s appreciate the aesthetic beauty, shall we?

Nothing revives me like a can of San Pellegrino.

Don’t worry, the celery makes it healthy – one of your five a day, it is a vegetable after all.

Deep-fried, supersized, bloody delicious; what more could you want of a Sunday afternoon.

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